Leadership by Bhagwad Geeta DVD (Gujarati)


This DVD will help you to learn…

  • How to be successful  in 21st century by learning and following 11 golden rules of motivation and management?
  • How to set, chess and achieve your life goals?
  • What are the secrets of self-motivation, staff/team motivation?
  • What are the reasons for sadness and what are their solutions?
  • How to win hearts?
  • How Bhagwad Geeta’s hidden secrets are useful to get success in personal and professional life?
  • How to make creative, progressive and good environment in home/office/shop/factory/company?
  • How to take more business from your customers, learn techniques which lead financial success in personal, professional and business life?
  • If you really want to make good long relation with your family members, staff members and customers then

Leadership By Bhagwad Geeta” DVD is must for you.


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