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Opportunity to Earn 1-Lac to 5-Lac Per Month, Just by Using Your Mobile & Internet Connection


Best Courses

Our courses are best performing course in each category with thousands of participants

No Capital Investment

If you have purchased our any product then you can join the program for the free

Ease of Doing Business

No headache of creating products or giving services to clients

Dedicated Support

We have a super attentive and dedicated affiliate team to assist you with any question ‚Äč

Holistic Approach

We provide contents from multiple angles to help them to achieve a desired outcome

Total Transparency

Get your own dashboard to track real time clicks,visits & earnings for your links

Lucrative Incentives

Your efforts are valuable to us! As a partner you can earn 10% to 25% of the income per sale

Marketing Kit

Get exclusive access to our ready to use digital materials (logos,webinars etc.)

Training Videos

Get step-by-step video tutorials to understand & use each feature in dashboard

Why To Join Us

Because of Global Brand Image our Association will be Mutually Rewarded


How Our Partnership Will Work

What WE Will Do

What YOU Will Do

1. Only limited openings
2. Fill your form honestly as we will select if you are good match to do partnership with us.


Most frequent questions and answers
A. Nothing, you can become partner for the online courses which you have purchased. There is no extra investment to become BCP.

Example: If you have purchased online parenting course and became BCP. Using your referral link someone purchased online parenting course and online train the trainer course. Both referrals will reflect in your dashboard, But you will get incentive only for parenting course in your bank account & online train the trainer course incentive will be transferred when you purchase it for yourself.

A. Gold Partnership – You get gold partnership from the day you signup till you earn INR 25,000/- incentive as BCP
Product (Books, DVDs,Audio CDs) – 20%
Online Courses – 20%
Live Online Workshop – 10%
Live Workshops – 5%
Services (GIFT & Aura) – 5%

Platinum Partnership – You get platinum partnership once you cross INR 25,000/- as BCP
Products (Books, DVDs,Audio CDs) – 25%
Online Courses – 25%
Live Online Workshop – 15%
Live Workshops – 10%
Services (GIFT & Aura) – 10%

A. No. You need to achieve Premium Partnership only one time.

A. It should show up immediately in your dashboard.
A. Log into your affiliate account-Click Here
Go to Reports->Referrals
A. A 1000 rupees threshold needs to be met before payments are made. Once your approved incentives has reached or exceeded this amount, you will be paid between “20th to 25th” of the next month in the bank account you provided while signup. For example, Your January month’s incentive will be paid between February month’s 20th-25th.
A. Generally it get approved within 2-3 working days.
A. No. We only provide incentives via bank transfer or you can purchase products worth the same amount you have earned on our website.
A. No. All referrals are one time only. You will only get paid for referrals showing approved in your dashboard. You will be paid only for the purchase from your link within 60 days(cookies policy). We do not provide any recurring lifetime incentives.
A. Yes. You must submit the bank account change request with new account details before 10 working days of payout date on &

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