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Many Parents ask me one common question, How can we help our child to be a responsible & happy? How to reduce TV time? So Today i am sharing best parenting tips for the same. Hope this will help you ! 

I am an Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker & a Counsellor with 12 years of experience working with children, Parents, Teachers & Corporates. I am fortunate enough to touched over 1.2 million lives. Clearly, through my observation & experience here i am sharing some of the best parenting tips…  


  1. Successful Parenting needs Patience! “Patience is not just about waiting… it is more about how you behave with child while waiting.”
  2. Allot time to listen your child. Lend your child a listening ear and you will discover new things about your child.
  3. Avoid sharing your negative feelings with your child. Your complaints show ur sign of weakness & reduces ur self-value.
  4. coping-with-gadget-feverWeekends are when children spend the most time watching television since they have a lot of free time
    on their hands. Make it a point to plan some form of an outing with your children which involves some activity.
  5. Watching TV while eating can cause indigestion & obesity in child. So keep ur dinner before or after TV program but not together.
  6. Turn off the television when your child’s friends are over. It may be hard to limit your child’s watching TV when he alone, but it will be easy when he has a friend over.
  7. Make a similar pact with other parents, and ask them that when your child is over at their place, they should turn off the television.Best Parenting Tips by Parikshit Jobanputra
  8. Develop habit to send your child to your building garden or to the neighbourhood park in the evenings to play with other children. Rather watching TV and GAMES.
  9. Encourage your child to take part in the activities he likes and avoid forcing him. If they are interested in sports, support them to take part in sports.
  10. To get your Child to eat Healthy  eat at least one meal together everyday. This gives you a chance to serve Healthy Food. 
  11. Take time to play indoor or outdoor games with your child. All the time home work & no play makes your child a dull in study.


From my experience as a No:1 Coach in Parenting, i found children change the moment parents change their perspective on parenting.  Help your kids succeed in life by training and strengthening their brain sooner than later.

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