Jan 24 2021


Daily 2-Hours 5PM-7PM
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Enjoy Your Exams LIVE Webinar

Webinar for 5-Days LIVE Online Practical Workshop for Students of Std 5th to 12th.

Now say bye bye to Exam Tension with “ENJOY EXAMS” 5-days Practical Workshop for Students. Improve Child’s Concentration & Memory Power in Study. Make your Child more Confident & Committed in Exams. Improve Reading & Revision Speed with Scientific Study Techniques.

P.L.S. (Personal Learning System)

  • Learn How to Concentrate while Studying?
  • Learn Subject Planning
  • Learn Goal Setting & Goal achieving
  • Learn Faster Reading & Writing Technique
  • Learn Time Management
  • Learn Anger Management
  • Learn Health Management
  • Learn  to memorize lengthy answers, Essays and theorems ?
Learn scientific study techniques
  • Improve your Child’s Academic Performance by “SST” (Scientific study Techniques)
  • Improve your Child’s concentration & Memory Power
  • Increase his / her Learning & Revision Speed
  • Learn to Read Smarter and Faster
  • Remove Exam Phobia & Exam tension
  • Make your child academically successful Stress Free
  • Learn to Transform short term memory in to The Long Term
  • Develop your child’s Interest in Studies
  • Develop Leadership Qualities in Your Child
  • Develop more + Attitude + Behavior of Your Child
  • Time Management & Health Management & much more…

Note –

Participants will also get 1-Year unlimited access for the recordings of the live training.

Follow-up session is on 8th November to 12th November ’20 – 5pm to 7pm

☎️ : 08 000 333 666

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